The Installation Method of the Membrane Filter Cartridge

The Installation Method of the Membrane Filter Cartridge

1. When installing plug-in filter housing, the O-ring should be wetted in clean tap water filtrate, so as to reduce the friction when inserting. It also requires that the two O rings be sealed.

2. When installing the cartridge filter housing, it needs to rotate in a clockwise direction.

3. If the filter housing has the pressure plate, the press plate is pressed on the warp plate and the spring on the press plate is pressed gently. If the spring is too tight, the length of the filter core will distort and affect the filtering accuracy.

4. When filtering liquid, it should first open the exhaust switch on the top of the shell, emptying the gas in the filter cartridge, so that the liquid is filled with filter cartridge, otherwise it will affect the flow volume.

5. The fluid filter will cause pressure drop because of resistance, in order to overcome the resistance must have enough working pressure, in order not to make the filter core by the impact of large flow, open the valve slowly.

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