The Purpose of the Filter Cartridge

The Purpose of the Filter Cartridge

The filter cartridge is matched with the corresponding metal filter cartridge used in the industry on the production of reagents, medicines, collected oil filtration, impurity removal, sterilization of instruments and supplies, including filter cartridges can be long-term use, the filter cartridge inside the need Regular replacement to ensure good filtering effect, so the filter cartridge is a consumable.


Products can be used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and other fields, as well as chemical, water purification, etc. Therefore, the wide range of product applications, quality can achieve sterilization, impurity removal standards;

Roughly divided into:
A. Membrane pleated filter cartridge
1. PES (polysulfone) pleated filter cartridge
2. PTFE pleated filter cartridge
3. PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) pleated filter cartridge
4. (PN) nylon66 pleated filter cartridge
5. MCE pleated filter cartridge
6. Single piece construction pleated filter cartridge
7. PP (polypropylene) pleated filter cartridge

B. Micro fiber pleated filter cartridge
1. GF (glass fiber) pleated filter cartridge
2. ACF (active carbon fiber) pleated filter cartridge

C. Big pleated filter cartridge

D. Small pleated filter cartridge

E. Metal filter cartridge
1. Ti alloy filter cartridge
2. Stainless steel filter cartridge

F. Other filter cartridges
1. Melt-blown filter cartridge
2. String wound filter cartridge
3. Mesh carbon block filter cartridge
4. Swimming pool filter cartridge

Certificate, specifically in the following areas:
FDA certification: is an important quality certificate when applied in the US food field;
EN certification: EU countries on the import of food in the field of important quality certificate; Ions migration: also a safety test report, focusing on detecting the filter cartridge in the process of red if there are toxic ions migration, and thus cause danger and harm ; Bacteria Challenge Experiment: The experiment is an important performance test report for bacteria removal filter cartridge certification, but he is a destructive experiment, that is, a filter cartridge to be done after the test was done; Integrity Test Report: Integrity Test Report Main Is a checklist of factory performance tests for bubbler point testing, water intrusion testing, and diffusion flow testing of filter cartridges, the result of which is an important part of the COA.

In conclusion, the main technical parameters of a filter cartridge are:
Material: including filter material, support material, joint at the material, O-ring material;
Filter cartridge conditions of use parameters: including filtration accuracy, operating temperature, operating pressure, pH range, sterilization conditions, etc .;
Filter cartridge specifications: length, inner diameter, outer diameter, filtration area; biosafety: endotoxin content, impurity concentration;
Integrity Test Report: This test is the bubble point test made by the filter cartridge production factory for the filter cartridge. It belongs to the key quality certification report of the filter cartridge and is similar to the COA function.

Connector Type: The connector is divided into the next connector and the connector, that is, both ends of a filter cartridge, both ends have to figure out; Length; Note: Filter cartridge connector types are more, of which 226 / fin means the bottom is 226 connector, The upper end is a fin; common lower end connector types are: 215,220,222,226; on the connector are: fin (fin), flat (flat seal);

A. Prefiltration:
1. Melt-blown filter cartridge and string wound filter cartridge: chemical, water treatment, food, pharmaceutical, optoelectronics and other filtration front-end filtration
2. Membrane pleated filter:
a. PP: Terminal Filter for Most Economical and Efficient Pre-Filter Cartridges and Non-Sterile Materials in Pharmaceutical Factory Production
b. GF: Pre-filtration of viscous, gel-containing liquid
c. MCE: biological products prefiltration

B. Terminal Filtering:
1. PES: biological pharmaceuticals, food and beverage sterilization
2. PTFE: chemical, optoelectronics, precision filtration, strong anti-corrosion, gas filtration sterilization
3. PN66: purified water, sterile water filtration end of the filter
4. PVDF: low protein adsorption, biological products filtration, chemical organic filtration

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