What is SPE?

What is SPE?

Solid phase extraction (SPE) is well-known as a useful sample preparation technique. With SPE, we can prevent many problems associated with liquid/liquid extracting, such as incomplete phase separations, less-than-quantitative recoveries. It also helps us cutting the use of expensive, breakable glassware in the lab, saving money and time on disposal of organic solvents.

The practices have proved that SPE is much more efficient than liquid extraction. Yields quantitative extractions are easy to carry out, and it is highly recommended according to the features, such as rapid, can be automated. With SPE, Solvent use and lab time can be reduced too.
SPE is used in two different conditions, the most often one is to prepare liquid samples and extract semi-volatile or nonvolatile analytes, it also can be used with solids pre-extracted into solvents. Available in different kinds of chemistries, adsorbents, and sizes, SPE products have excellent performances of sample extraction, concentration, and cleanup.

Choosing the right product for each application and sample depends on the sample volume, degree of contamination, quantity of compounds of interest, the complexity, and solvent strength, and the sample matrix types.

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