What is syringe filter? How many series do we have?

What is syringe filter? How many series do we have?

Syringe filter is a fast, convenient and reliable filter tool that is routinely used in the laboratory. It has a beautiful appearance, light weight, and high cleanliness. It is mainly used for prefiltering and clarification of particles, liquids and gases. It is the preferred method for filtering HPLC, GC small samples. Sterilization can be divided into sterilization and non-sterilization.

Syringe filters do not require membrane changes and filter cleaning, eliminating the need for complex, time-consuming preparations and widespread use in the laboratory. The products are mainly used for pre-clarification of samples, removal of particles, sterilization and filtration. The needle filter is used in combination with a disposable syringe.

Most popular syringe filter diameter is 13mm and 30mm, and the treatment volume is from 0.5ml to 200ml.
Domestic needle filters are divided into disposable and repetitive, organic, or water systems, with specifications Φ13 or Φ25 for sample filtration in liquid or gas phase analysis. Filtration materials: Nylon, PVDF, PTFE, MCE, CA, Glass Fiber, PP PP), polyethersulfone (PES).
Here are pictures for our 3 different series syringe filter

0.45micron Disposable PES Syringe Filters 0.22 PES Syringe Filters Standard Disposable Syringe Filters

China MCE syringe filters 0.45 um MCE syringe filters Micron PVDF syringe filters

PES Sterile Syringe Filters 0.45 Stelie PES Syringe Filter sterile syringe filters

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